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    Roku 3 detected on mobile app as Roku 1, does not connect

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      I just bought a Slingbox M1 and connected it to a cable box at my parents house and can access it via the mobile apps and via desktop with no issues. However, I have a Roku 3 (4200) and I installed the latest version of Slingplayer app on it in order to watch it on my TV. When I also installed Slingplayer on my iPhone, Android and iPad and attempt to connect the 2 devices, they are detecting the 4200 version Roku 3 as a Roku 1. When selected, The Slingplayer for Roku app then fails to connect and keeps reopening with the same advertisement every time. Is this because the Roku is older? I think it was made before the Slingbox M1 so that might be the issue, IDK. Please help. Thanks!