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    SlingBox 350 Set Up Probs : About to Sling this Box back to the retailer


      Just bought a 350 to use with Sky + (UK)

      I connect the Sky box with supplied cables from composite output of Sky to input of 350. Video signal detected, but no picture or sound in the myslingbox viewer (IE on laptop)

      I connect HDMI of Sky to HDMI splitter to HDMI to Component converter, and test the component output with TV inputs - picture OK

      Connect above component cables to 350, no video signal detected. Can control sky via onscreen remote.

      I go to help/support pages, I get there for 1 second, then the webpage changes to the homepage of slingbox. I have to switch to firefox and disable js in order to get to this forums page

      Every time I want to test the 350 output, I have to watch a 5-10 second advert for some **** I've no interest in.

      Anyone got a reason I should continue trying with this 350 or is it a case of GIGO back to the retailer ?