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    Losing TV signal

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      I have set up my M2 as shown in the videos - connected to the Ethernet; the output of the cable box (Motorola VIP1200) to the input of the M2. When I'm watching my Android away, as long as my cable box at home is turned on, I can watch TV (on the phone) and all is fine. After a period of time, my cable box will shut off, and I'll be left with "Press OK to watch TV" (as I would on my home TV); and I then I can't receive any broadcast. At home I can press the "OK" button and I'll be able to tune back in - but obviously, if I'm not there, I cant. So my question is: Is there a way to keep the cable box from shutting off, or another configuration, or something to avoid me losing the signal. No complaints otherwise, and if I can clear this hurdle, that would be great. Any advise? ...