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    Problem With My Comcast PACE PX001 ANM XR11 remote (con't)

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      Alanrichey42. Sorry I tried to reply to your previous message but some could not. See my answers below:


      1You talk about watching the Slingbox on another TV ?   How are you doing that ?  (Chromecast, Roku ...) KODI.  When I was away from home the only way to watch slingbox was if my TV back home was powered on.


      2.   As i said before, forget about what the virtual remote on your Mac looks like, that is irrelevant. OK


      3.   "..Therefore to watch my Slingbox both my TV and cable box needs to be turned off...."    Eh ?   Do you mean that ? YES


      4.   The remote you have downloaded is to control the Pace cable box.   Are you saying it doesn't switch the cable box on & off ? YES

      Again sorry for the confusion.