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    Problem With My Comcast PACE PX001 ANM XR11 remote

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      My apolgizes to Alanrichey42.  In my earlier post I may of use the wrong term "virtual remote" in describing the problem I have been encountering.  The remote I am referring to is the  remote used when I watch my Slingbox 350 on my MAC computer or another TV. I followed the instructions provided by Slingbox Support (Hindy) "When it asks you to Search or Pick the manufacturer or model please Search for (X1 XR5) and the remote should work and look like the one you have" without much luck.  First the remote looks different because mine is a XR11 remote and not the XR5 remote. With the remote Hindy recommended all functions work with exception of the power on/off function.  Therefore to watch my Slingbox both my TV and cable box needs to be turned off. If I am required to download a remote bin, etc. can you pass  along how to do this for a MAC. Thanks.