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    Unable to start app when sharing desktop to chromecast with chrome


      Hi all,


      I just acquired a new chromecast 2 to cast my sling signal to my TV without pluging my computer to my TV.

      My first attempt was with the iOS app, but it is really not user friendly...


      So instead I tried to share my Windows desktop to the chromecast by using Chrome (which now include the cast option directly in the browser, without an extension).

      The first attempt was successful as I already started the sling player application before to start sharing the desktop. But if the sharing is already enabled, the sling player application freeze and refuse to start. After a moment, Windows offers to kill the app which is the only solution as it never starts.

      Once the sling player app has crashed, I can no longer start it. By looking at the task manager, there is always a remaining sling player process active. Once this process is killed, I can restart the sling player app without any issue... as long as I do not restart the desktop sharing in chrome of course.


      I do not have my versioning info with me but will post them as soon as I get back to home.

      When I noticed the issue, I checked if there was an update for the sling player app on Windows but I was already latest.


      Hope you can help as It is very annoying!