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    Sling box M2, Xfinity Pace XG1-P


      Just bought my Slingbox M2, though the installation is delayed now as I have to wait for the HDMI adapter recommended by Slingbox to allow me to connect the component video cables to the Xfinity box.  A bit of a pain that I did not know that going in,but chalk one up.


      Once I get that set up, I will be accessing the TV from Apple devices (macbook, iPads and iPhones) remotely.  Additionally, we will be staying at a few homes over the next few months and, this gets to the question, is where I would welcome advice. 


      Is it "better" to get a cable to run from my Macbook to the TV direct (HDMI or USB??) or better to stream to a Roku/Apple TV/Chromecast/Firestick)?  Welcome advice...and which of the "sticks" is best recommended.


      Also, one of the TVs I know is a Samsung Smart TV, the other is yet to be purchased.  Thoughts welcome as well.