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    Slingplayer won't recognize Roku Premiere


      I'm attempting to set up my new roku premiere with my slingbox, but the roku icon will never show up in the slingplayer app for iphone.

      When I enter the Roku player's IP manually I get a message that "Roku player was succesfully found", however the roku icon still does not show up so I can't use my slingbox with my roku.


      I tried everything in this thread:The Roku stream icon never appears on SlingPlayer app for iPhone

      Messing with the IP's doesn't help whatsoever, nor does reinstalling apps or restarting routers, roku etc.


      I am also getting at the point where after trying to get this to work for several hours, my patience is running out. Can someone please help?

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          Having the same issue with my premiere plus. I managed to get the Roku button to appear on one of the many combinations of restarting the app, router, and/or Roku itself but it said the app was being installed (even though it already had been) and to click watch once it was finished. Clicking watch would just load the same prompt. No luck.


          Please add support for the new devices, slingbox!