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    Switching from Android to Iphone



      We have the 350 slingbox. My wife has an Iphone slingbox app and I have an android slingbox app. If I switch from Android to an Iphone do I need to repurchase the slingbox phone app? If so, are there any discounts?

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          Hello Peter Gase,


          Thank you for the information provided. I understand that you would like to know that if by changing from android to iphone you would need to re-purchase the Slingplayer app. If you switch to the iphone you would need to use your wife's icloud account to avoid the re-purchase of the SlingPlayer app. If by any chance you register your iphone with a different icloud account, then yes you would need to purchase the SlingPlayer app or you could get the free SlingPlayer app.


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          Sling Moderation Team