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    Slingbox 500 activation

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      I bought the Slingbox 500 as a genuine refurbished box from Newegg.ca. On logging in online, I get a message that it was activated in Apr 2014 and is out of warranty. The refurbished machine is supposed to be wiped clean - doesn't look like it has been.

      What do I do to correct this? There are several other issues which may be connected to the refurbished state.I paid for Slingplayer and have activated the account, yet getting lots of ads on it - what I assume is malware - Installfaster for example. It is pernicious. How do I get rid of these messages? Clicking the x gives me messages in what I assume is Spanish, and I don't understand it, so don't want it inadvertently installed.

      I can't get to watch it at the moment - going round in circles.