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    Setup can not find my Slingbox ???

    dutchgeordie Newbie
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      I bought a Slingbox HD-PRO on eBay.

      I've hooked it up and started the setup on slingbox.com.

      On Chrome I got the message that it wasn't compatible with the Sling software even though I've got V.53 and upwards of V.52 should work fine.

      On Edge and Internet Explorer I got as far as that it was searching for my Slingbox on my network but the search never ends, no error or anything it just keeps on searching.

      On Firefox I get a screen saying I should install an add-on and after agreeing it downloads the add-on but then it says the downloaded add-on could not be installed as it appears to be corrupt.

      I have used IP scanner to see if the box is on the network and it is and has a valid IP address. When I type that into my browser then it can not establish a connection.

      I have pushed the reset button for over 5 seconds twice to make sure it has been reset.

      The power light is on, the network light is on and the logo lighting is on (fading in and out), all glowing red.

      I thought I'd contact Slingbox for assistance but it won't let me do that as I have not yet got a slingbox in my account!!!!


      So anyone help please.