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    Power Supply for Slingbox Tuner


      Slingbox Tuner powers off after a few minutes and power supply is warm to touch.  Is power supply bad?

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          Yes, and it will die soon. Happened to me 2 times in 2 years.Its a well known issue (just google it or search in this forum). They use to change it free of charge, but not anymore beacuse to many of them die to fast. Now you have to pay 20$ for a new one, but If you buy a second adapter from Slingbox you have no warranty on it! So just go to Radio Shack or try searching online for a non brand one.

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              The power supply is a switcher and has a 2.5A or so output.  That's pumping some current.  Most power adapters are linear (not switchers) with less than a amp output.  I bit the bullet and bought the $20 from Slingbox with the free shipping (or shipping included).  Hopefully, I will get another couple of years out of the system.  Beyond that, I will hack the cord off my defective power adapter and attach it to a third party power brick with screw terminals.  I just don't have the space for that kind of setup right now.  You may try E-Bay to find a comparable adapter.  The rub is that you have to match the output voltage, at least the rated current, polarity of the power jack, and the size of the power jack of the defective adapter.  Usually, you can get the voltage and current on an E-bay description (and maybe the polarity), but getting an accurate description match on the jack form factor is the challenge.

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              Hi, The manual says power supply is 2.5A but the OE supplied unit was rated 3.5Amp. I replaced the power supply (The "Stock" 3.5A unit was out-of-stock at Sling, & not freely available elsewhere so I got a generic "5000ma Universal Regulated Power Adaptor" (it comes complete with a range of jacks - line up the arrows for +ve centre) & set it to 6V). 3days & £27 later the 30sec startup routine talks to the router & holds both the power ON & network light ON..... which is nice. During all the fun & games I had mistakenly made the factory reset. So I needed to reconfigure the slingbox settings......The current web version did not work with my main PC & the box looked dead, but fortunately I had the original setup files (v2.0.191) on a laptop which worked a treat. Happy days !:D