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    Sling Media Support

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      I have been using Sling Boxes, Sling Catcher, Sling Player versions for web, media servers and for iPad ever since they were first available in Europe. I first saw a prototype during a visit to Silicon Valley in 2004(?).

      One of the strong points of the products has always been a high-quality technical support by phone in the UK and in Germany. I understand that it is no longer possible to contact sling support by phone in Europe and phoning the US (apart from the cost of the phone call) will incur a fee of $29.90 if the hardware is out of warranty. The recommendation given on the old support phone lines and by auto-reply from the support e-mail address is to use the Sling Box website and choose support. Unfortunately, this has never worked for me, I get thrown back to the first page of the site within seconds before I can look at FAQs, knowledge base or anything else support-related. I am at my wit's end about how to proceed. My problems are not hardware-related, both my Sling Boxes work correctly and I can connect to them from my iPad.

      Following the upgrade to macOS Sierra on my three Macs, Sling Player for Web does not work any more. On every one of them I get the same P-17 error already reported by other users. I have tried all the usual steps such as restart, re-install, and also to turn the plug-in off and back on in Safari, nothing works. The error message also claims that the Sling Boxes (one HD, one 350) are not connected to the Internet which is blatantly false as I can get them on my iPad.

      Can anybody suggest any solutions?

      Thank you very much