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    Slingbox Pro HD Tuner Function


      Wondering if when using the built-in tuner on the HD model, will all of my Comcast digital and digital HD channels be available for viewing? I'm currently using the Slingbox Tuner model and I'm only able to watch 20-25 channels right now after Comcast went all digital. I'm assuming that's because the Tuner has an analog tuner and the channels I'm receiving are analog.


      If I use this model, can I bypass a cable box/DVR altogether by using the tuner or do I still have to hook it up to a cable box/DVR. If I do have to hook it to a box, can I switch remotely between the cable box/DVR and the tuner function while on the road? What I'm trying to avoid is a channel war with somebody at home. I was hoping that if I'm watching TV via a cable box/DVR and someone at home decides to watch the same unit that I'm hooked up to, can I just switch to the tuner function and press on with what I was watching?

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          With the Slingbox Pro-HD, you will run coax from the wall to the Slingbox and from the Slingbox to your cable box.  You will also run component cables from your cable box to your Slingbox.  You can now watch using your Slingbox internal tv tuner or your cable box.  If you want to watch a different channel than is being watched on the tv, you will switch to the Slingbox internal tv tuner.   You will not be able to receive all the channels that come from your cable box.

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              Can you tell me how to "switch to [my] internal tuner?" I have the ProHD and want to be able to watch TV while my husband watches the DVR while traveling. I set it up and it appears to all be working correctly, except that I can't figure that last piece out so he can watch DVR and i can watch regular TV.

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                  Be aware. I believe there is a huge issue with this type of configuration when using a Comcast digital box (especially HD). Because the Sling HD is between the Motorola box/dvr and the Comcast servers, it tends to block the reverse channel  (the signal generated by the Motorola box which communicates directly with the Comcast servers). This usually results in the loss of (or stuck) On Demand menus and the ability to watch (pay for) PPV events. Boxes which sit behind Slings, via this type of RF connection, also tend to fail registration and activation (should that be required) and will drive the Comcast techs. nuts. It will work, but can create the problems as outlined above for digital and HD users.