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    Remote works, but doesn't recognize second button presses.....help?

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      I have an M1 and everything works great, but the remote has started to not recongnize whenever you press a button two or more times.  It makes navigating the dvr a little tricky, although some buttons still work more than once.  The worst one is the "ok" button not working after the first press.  Thankfully, the directional buttons do work so you can maneuver to what you want to watch and you can select it with the ok button, but after selecting it you can't press the ok button to play it.  I have to go down and then up and then select ok to start the program.  Any help would be appreciated, I have tried reinstalling and reconfiguring the remote.  The M1 is working over wifi with a Cisco ISB7005 AT&T Uverse STB.  Thank you.