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    Color Problems on Standard Quality Setting w/Slingbox 500 - works on ipad, not on iphone

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      Ok, going nuts here. Here's the situation. Had a slingbox 500 for 2-3 years, love. Anecdotally, I did unplug it for a week as we did some rearranging, replugged in same location. Also, this was around the time IOS 10 was released.


      I use the slingplayer for IOS remotely on iPhone 6s+ and iPad mini. On iPhone, Standard quality colors are inverted; people's faces are blue, and weird things happen to greens. I do not think this is a cable issue, as when I switch to standard quality on the ipad, color is normal and fine. If it helps anyone investigate, iPhone Slingplayer version is 3.8.51,iPad is 3.4.9. I have checked for updates to slingplayer for iPhone and iPad in iTunes, i'm on the latest version as of today. I've considered deleting and reinstalling the app, but I think its bugged.


      I want to use standard when outside my home to reduce cellular bandwith and smoother streaming. I usually leave it running with an occasional glance, and want to keep the bandwidth down for "almost audio only".


      Also, in the same vein - does anyone know if the Kbps value displayed on ios "Settings" icon is accurate? I have the "limit cellular data to 1024 Kbps" setting enabled, but on Auto quality over cellular, it seems to be sitting at 3186 "kbps". (Now, I know if i was given a KBps vs Kbps, we're talking kilobytes vs kilobits, but if that is the case between the menu vs the display, they capitalized the wrong thing, and are being horribly unclear!)


      I will be happy to take a video using the wife's iPhone as a camera to show me switching between the two devices and selecting standard quality on them to show that it works fine on iPad, not on IPhone... I'm stumped. Neither standard quality nor limit data on cellular are working, and it's making me afraid to use my favorite device in the last 3 years (as someone who travels a lot) for fear of blowing out my cellular bills!


      Edit: (tried to reply to own post, couldn't, so here is more info in this post) Using component cables


      Edit 2: can't reply to other posts either, thinking i have similar problem as Color horrible on 500. Everyone looks green and yellow - would have continued and contributed to that thread but having a problem posting any replies.


      Edit 3:  Me again - I've recorded a video and posted on YouTube (private with link only) showing the behavior on two connected device. It's not public because my email shows up in it (please be nice) and I don't want to spread bad things about slingbox - it's been my best device, most stable of any electronic device I've owned since I've had it - I love it. Just want to squash what I think is a bug.  Here's the link:


      Trouble with sling player iOS - YouTube


      If there's a better place for this post, please move it... I just want my slingplayer back! Thanks!


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