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    Slingplayer screen goes to black for a few seconds then comes back

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      M1 connected to wireless network with very strong signal (PC and M1 on the same WAP).  Component connections, no HDMI.  Occurs intermittently on either Slingplayer App (try to avoid) and Web browser (any).  It could play fine for hours, and then I get the black screen, it lasts for 2-3 seconds, then comes back.  The picture (when present) is always in HD.  I was thinking there were possibly network dropouts, so I bought another WAP for the lower floor of the house, checked the signal at the M1 (the WAP is 15 feet from my laptop), and it still occurs  (bandwidth is improved and I never get any Video quality issues).

      But the black screens just drive me crazy.  Is there any instrumentation in the Sling apps that can explain why its losing the signal (video and audio).