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    Slingplayer does not work with Roku 2400x LT

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      I have a SB350 and am trying to use slingplayer (free) on my iPad Air 2. I have two Roku devices;

      • Roku LT 2400x running 7.2.0 4100-02 IP
      • Roku LT 2450x running 7.2.0 4113-03 IP

      The 2400x does not show up in Slingplayer selection list (iPad). The 2450x shows up in the player and works perfectly. I've tried the following:

      • Changing the IP addresses
      • Changing the locations within my home
      • Deleting and reinstalling slingplayer app on iPad
      • Deleting and reinstalling slingplayer app on Roku
      • Unplugging 2450x and restarting everything so that the 2400x is the only Roku device.

      Thanks in advance for your help.