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    Media player recommendations

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      I am seeking a recommendation for a media player to stream from my M1.  Currently, I'm using a Western Digital TV Live Plus HD connected to an old Slingbox PRO (non-HD) and would like to join the 21st Century.  My Slinbox M1 currently has my Uverse DVR attached, so it goes practically unused since I rarely watch regular TV anymore.


      I also have a Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, both with Kodi side-loaded so that I can play my digital DVD collection.  These work great for streaming media to the different rooms in the house but the Slingbox IR-blaster doesn't work on these because the remotes are not infrared.  Does anyone have experience getting Amazon Fire-TV to work (with FLIRC, for instance) with a Slingbox, or do you have another recommendation for a media player.  I would prefer an Android-based player so I can stick with Kodi, but I'll take any recommendation.

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          I highly recommend Steam Link. it has solved all my problems. you do need a desktop PC with a steam account.


          As it uses the Slingplayer desktop player it 100% works perfectly and no drop outs


          You just need to load steam link, then minimise big picture mode and open the desktop player, full screen and magic.

          I think the steam link is similar pricing to the other players you mentioned (plus you can play your games on the TV - bonus)

          You can also add non steam games/programs to steam so you can add programs likes plex home theatre, havent tried Kodi but im assuming its similar.

          any questions let me know

          hope this helps