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    Slingbox 500 & TiVo mini


      Since Sling wants to charge me $30 to talk to someone (ludicrous), and me being unable to find my question on here, I'm left at your mercy. I am trying to set up my Slingbox 500 with my TiVo mini and I'm having a problem with controlling it. The Slingbox actually does a good job of controlling the TiVo mini, but the problem is that it also controls the other TiVo mini on my network. I'm not using an IR blaster and I tried turning off the option to network control my other TiVo mini without any luck.

      Any (free) ideas?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          It doesn't matter that you are not using the iR Blaster, the 500 has an internal iR blaster that is affecting both Minis.   The network aspect is totally irrelevant. in fact you would see exactly the same effect if you tried controlling the mini with a normal ir remote.  Either move the second mini away from the 500 or change it's Remote address (covered in the manual I assume).