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    Best TV setup to receive signal


      Hello All,


      I am trying to find the best setup to receive the signal from my slingbox from the USA in Poland. 


      I am currently considering a Sony or Samsung or LG TV.  So it comes down to Smart TV vs Android TV (plus chromecast on Sony).  I haven't found much on running the Slingbox straight from a Smart TV's web browser, only through the roku, apple tv, chromecast or android tv.



      The sony has chromecast and android tv integrated, and could control the system from a PS4 remote using the tv's browser (until the PS4 app comes out - fingers crossed)  or would I need to control it through an android phone.

      I found this link in the FAQ, but now it redirects to the homepage...

      Slingbox.com -

      Does anyone have slingbox setup with a Sony TV and use a PS4 remote to control it all?


      Other Smart TVs

      Any experience using a TV web browser to access the online sling player?