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      Sometimes we have to work on the computer while we want to see our favorite show on TV, so we connect the computer via hdmi cable to a TV and use the tool "use as a independent screen."
      In Screen 1 we work, and Screen 2, we "see" our favorite show through Slinbox.
      In the last major update of Slingboxplayer, we have the problem that when using the "Full Screen" mode, the screen 1 turns black and the display 2 view in full screen, making it impossible to work on what we had thought.
      To work and watch TV on the two screens we have to exit full screen mode, then the black screen on display 1 disappears, and on the display 2 you will see reduced image.
      This only happens with Safari.
      With Firefox, Sierra, Slingplayer, you can see the full screen on screen 2 and work on the other.
      Another problem with the new Slingboxplayer is when disconnect hdmi cable even if you use Firefox or Safari; Slingplayer stop streaming, freeze the image, to restart: exit the browser or restart the computer.
      In some cases Slingplayer goes crazy and ask reprogram Slingbox, warns that you must change the configuration of slingbox, another remote control model appears, the internet connection gets slow, etc. Fortunately I never did and the best is to restart the computer.

      Slingbox Player could correct this issue and return Safari to 2 screens as before?