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    Network/Streaming configuration. Buffering to China

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      I am living in Shanghai China and trying to stream the feed from my Slingbox M1 in the United States onto my macbook Air in China. I am also trying to stream Netflix onto my Apple TV here in China. What are the best settings (i.e. DDNS, VPN, Port Forwarding, IP Address)  for me to use on my router in China (apple airport extreme), Apple TV 4th generation in China, and MacBook Air in China? What are the best settings for me to use on my Comcast cable modem/router and sling box M1 located in Florida?  I have Express VPN. My network configuration in the US is a sling box M1 connected to a Comcast router/ modem. In China I have a PPOE China Telecom model connected via ethernet to a router which is connected via ethernet to my Apple Airport Extreme (The router that I use for all of my devices). Currently my airport extreme has double NAT because it is connected to another router. My MacBook Air has Express VPN.


      Currently, I am able to stream onto the Sling desktop app, but my buffering speed swings wildly from 300mbps to 50mbps. Regardless of whether I stream on minimal or HD quality i have the problem of the buffer freezing for a split second ever 30 seconds or so then continuing.


      Please help!