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    Slingbox 350 does not work after update

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      iOS update 10.0.2 and SlingPlayer 3.8.51 do not work! And the only answer is: "You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again."
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          alanrichey42 Master

          Working fine for me.    And that message is odd, you don't post messages in Slingplayer.   Or are you trying to post a message on here using an iOS device ?   If so don't bother, the Jive software that drives this forum has never worked on iOS devices, but no-one at Sling has ever bothered to try and fix it.


          So what are you symptoms behind your  'do not work' ?    That means absolutely nothing to anyone.  Could be a million reasons.

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              Hi Alan, thx for answer. Yes I did use my pad, now my PC.

              What happens is as follows:

              I try to use "Auto" quality, but after a short while Slingbox goes blank and then I try out SQ. Then - after a while - I get this: "Video streaming in SQ is not supported for AirPlay (non-Mirroring). Please switch to Auto streaming mode, or switch to AirPlay Mirroring."

              The funny thing is that on SQ (where my picture is smaller and unclear) it is "lasting" longer b4 it goes blank.. and the message is getting up again..

              Needless to say I do mirror from iPad Mini or iPhone 5S. Update 10.0.2 through Apple TV. The Slingbox is a 350 and the Player software is 3.8.51 and it COSTED A LOT... :-(

              So, what is happening is that this does not work and this comes after some 1 - 2 years of completely flawless operation b4 updates!!!

              This remains me of the Bad Old Days (got my Kaypro II when Bill was doing his DOS!!), and all suppliers did blame each other when something didn't work; the cable guys, the disk guys, the hardware guys, the PC guys etc.....

              When iOS is getting updated you cannot - that's my opinion - "resell" software on Apple Store which does not work??? And charge a lot (156 NOK .. about 20$) for something which worked fine b4 the "update".

              I hate those guys. Thanks for bothering Alan.