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    Mobile apps freezing???


      I have been successfully using my PRO-HD slingbox for years, but recently all mobile connections to it are failing both at home (on the same network) and remote.

      When the initial connection is made, a live channel stream works fine, but any input or request results in a frozen screen (channel change, Menu, DVR, live pause, etc).

      This is the case with SlingPlayer for iPhone and SlingPlayer for iPad . . . yet SlingPlayer desktop and newwatch.slingbox.com work perfectly.


      What has happened to SlingPlayer for iPhone and SlingPlayer for iPad?


      Port forwarding is on and configured correctly.

      I have completed a hard reset on the box with no change.

      I have the TCP connection in the iPad Player and the "three dots" in the options of the iPhone player.

      All software is up to date on Slingbox, iPad and iPhone.


      Any advice is greatly appreciated - many thanks.

        • Re: Mobile apps freezing???

          I virtually have the same problem.  I would like to get feed back from iphone slingplayer users to see if they have the same problems.  The app is really worthless unless you want to watch the channel that your home tv is on, trying to do much with it just causes freezeing up.  How about Slingbox forum monitors--can you add anything to this?