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    slingbox Not working after update


      So I'm having major issues getting the slingbox 500 to work with the latest software update for the actual slingbox. I had to unplug the slingbox to move some things on my entertainment center around and when I plugged it back in is when my trouble started. The sling logo appeared on the screen for 5-10 seconds, then slingbox light/logo on the box flashed 4 times and appeared to shut itself off and my tv said no signal coming thru the input. Tried unpluging for 30 seconds as well as soft resets,  just kept doing the same thing over and over. The only way to got it to work again was a hard reset, then it walked me through the ten minute update again. First time it finished, it went to restart and I got nothing out of the video out at all and the slingbox led was blinking slowly. I hard reset it again, and went through the update process again. Got it to work the second time around, box got unplugged again, same thing all over again. Any one have any ideas?