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    Picture Resolution


      The slingbox is in the UK is hooked up correctly - the slingcatcher is hooked up in Dubai correctly But...... the picture on our tv has poor resolution. For the perfect picture we have a 6"x6" square to watch! How do we get a better picture please

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          You need HD tv signal, Slingbox Pro-HD, broadband upload speed of 3mbps or more, sufficient download speed, and HD capabable receiving/viewing device.  That will give you the best possible picture.

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            dbsguy Apprentice

            JimFitzgerald is correct on all parts....


            Your major issue however is your upload speed at the slingbox hosting location. Upgrading to a higher upload bandwidth package from your ISP will do wonders in terms of picture quality.  As mentioned if your looking for an HD remote viewing experience, then a slingbox pro HD unit would be reuired with the stated speed package...... 

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                I have the Slingbox Pro with the HD Connect and an upstream of 4mbps minimum, but my SlingCatcher resolution is marginal, certainly not the equal of my Slingplayer software. Should the SlingCatcher resolution equal that of the Slingplayer?  Do you suppose there will be any benefit of increasing the upstream bandwidth beyond 4mbps or buying the Slingbox Pro-HD?  Thanks.