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    Motorola VIP1963


      Hello Slingbox users,


      I got my Slingbox 350 just  2 days ago, bought new RCA cables to get HD video quality to the Slingbox (only yellow, red, white was included in the box), and thought it would work. Pretty fast I got the video streaming working, but after hours of trying I cannot get the Motorola VIP1963 to work from/with remote. I checked all kinds of things: LCD screen to see if there is a IR signal from the piramde (yes, it is!), installed remotes from Windows and Mac, hard resets, etc. I tried a lot of standard remotes, and a lot of your custom remotes. But nothings works. I get the picture of the remote itself in the Slingbox and it seems like the codes are inside. But when pushing buttons only the streaming stops for less than a second, but I can not switch to another channel. The volume works, but that works on all remotes. I read that this is something directly from the Slingplayer to the volume, not through the Motorola.


      Eventually last night I called my provider (KPN Netherlands). They were so kind to change the Motorola for a Arcadyan. So then I will have one Motorola VIP1963 (we have 2 now) and one Arcadyan HMB 2260 (or maybe Arris VIP 2952). I hope it will work with my Slingbox 350 on one of these 2 boxes, preferably the newer Arcadyan. A big dissapointment is actually, that I have to keep the remote and only change the Motorale receiver. Apparently the remote for the VIP 1963 works (without reprogramming) on the Arcadyan and Arris. I am a little worried that the 3 boxes have the same software/ receiver.


      But somehow it feels like I don't get new codes into the Slingbox, because none of the remotes work on none of the buttons. Really nothing works. The first custom remote I installed from a Mac. Afterwards I read that that code will be in for life. After hard resets I get different names installed, but I am not sure if the codes inside are really changed, or just the name and picure of the remote.


      Every help is very much appreciated! I almost feel like throwing the Slingbox out of the window.


      I am from The Netherlands, Europe.