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    Low Bandwidth even though Speedtest is Fast

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      I have been having some intermittent issues with my Slingbox 350 losing signal when using My Iphone 6s or Apple Mini in NY when Slingboxing is located in Florida.


      I did several Speed tests on the network in Florida and it shows 78mb Down and 15 MB up.  My NY Speed is 18mb down and 2mb Up.


      I realize that the important number on the Slingbox in Florida is the 15MB Up so I thought I should get max dots when viewing the bandwidth on Iphone  "More" button in Live TV.


      Sometimes my speed will be at low as 300kbps and then i can watch it climb over 3000kbps ans see it plummet and then start climbing again. 


      I thought it should stay steady an reach an equilibrium at some point but it doesn't.... always climbing and dropping.


      To make things worse... it seems like during the hours of 9PM EST and 9:30PM EST my disconnects are almost guarunteed.  Almost as if Xfinity is throttling in Florida.


      Any Tips appreciated.  I already updated firmware on Florida Cisco /Linksys E2500 Router and made sure UPNP was on.


      Regards, Jim Brown

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          sakisson Novice


          One good test to do is to find out if the dedicated port number of your routers firewall is open at the host location


          Slingbox.com - How to get the network details for your Slingbox 350 or 500


          once you found the port number, from a computer connected at home in Florida use this link to confirm is this port is open



          if the port is closed, contact your ISP or manufacturer of your router to open this port

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            I turned off upnp on the router at slingbox locale and it forced a relay mode when used with iPad or iPhone and it seems much better. Data rate stays pegged at 3400kbps most of the time and tcp mode used to roller coaster from 200 to 8000.


            Tcp mode seems way less stable even though it is supposed to be preferred setup method . My 350 is about 1400 miles away and maybe it's a excessive router hop issue.  Some people have complained about RELAY mode but it's fine for me.


            Also.. I have heard that RELAY mode relays the image to AWS (Amazon Web Services) and maybe I get less router hops... Or the relay doesn't allow Comcast to throttle port 5201.  Or.. the smart people at Amazon have a better buffering algorithm versus TCP connection.


            Either way I'm happier... I'm realistic and realize that a few dropouts have to be expected. But I was getting WAY more dropouts during prime time hours at night.  Sometimes I couldn't even get connected again.


            Hope this helps somebody.