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    How do I turn off all the advertisements....

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      I spend a small fortune paying for cable to minimize commercials.  The last thing I want to look at when I turn on my Slingbox software are commercials.  How do I turn these commercials off?

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          If you are using a mobile device, such as a iPad, iPhone, tablet, etc you do have the option to remove the ads, by purchasing the Slingplayer App for $14.99. If you happen to be using Slingplayer for desktop, there is no way to remove advertisements. What you can do, is choose full screen mode and the advertisements would appear at the bottom of the screen, you would have more Live TV on the screen than ads.


          Here is the link for more information on Slingplayer Free verses Slingplayer.




          Thank you,

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              Your company has no idea of how damaging this is to your product and reputation.  With other forms of entertainment available on the web WITHOUT advertisement or commercials it is surprising. 

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                Who do I contact at slingbox for a refund.  I just upgraded to an M2, and I can't watch the fights anymore with friends because the ****** advertisements, it makes the screen look like garbage.  This product is a bait and switch scam.  I want a refund on an M1, and an M2, as they are now unuseable because I can't even go full screen and see the screen because it's too cluttered with your spyware now.

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                  Jennifer - thanks for the response.  It let's the customer know the nature and disposition of the corporate culture of SlingBox -

                  A deal is a deal - this was not part of the system when the SlingBox was sold in the past. Many of us have owned a SlingBox since it's inception.

                  The unfortunate decision to attach the (unwanted) advertisements for additional revenue stream indicates a lack of confidence at the corporate level. It is troubling that the company has determined that the product is unable to stand on it's own.

                  No matter how good the product or services may be, I won't be doing any business with the vendors that I have seen on SlingBox ~

                  Traveling abroad SlingBox has been a great comfort to many of us for news and entertainment back home. 

                  I know that the roughly 500 people that the crew and I see each week will not get the positive support of SlingBox that we had offered in the past.

                  We will find another form of entertainment and information through the internet.  My SlingBox will go in the closet until the corporate culture changes.

                  I've used my SlingBox from many countries around the world. The annoying advertisements have cheapen the product and the damaged reputation of the company.

                  You have lost a customer and a good bit of FREE advertisement.

                  I hope your board comes to it's senses -


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                    I had an older version that had no ads and worked just fine. The fact that I cannot even pay for a version without ads is a travesty. Especially considering what I paid for the Slingbox 500.

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                      can you please explain to me how to get the screen you show on the monitor on your site WITHOUT ADS at:

                      Slingbox.com - Slingbox M1


                      either that or reflect the pc screen on the laptop and the montior to show the annoying ads so as not to be practicing in what some would call fraudulent advertising .....


                      you used to have a great product, but now I will just stream from the provider as I can with my cable subscription ... WITHOUT ads during the full screen viewing