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    WORKAROUND FOUND for ChromeCast on Android

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      If you've been following this board you know there have been literally dozens of questions and complaints about the Google ChromeCast icon having disappeared from the SlingPlayer app for Android.  Sling Media has been totally silent on the question -- no explanation, no ETA for a fix, no response whatseoever.  One of the most pathetic examples of customer service I've seen lately.


      Fortunately, a workaround has finally been identified.  (Works for me, anyway.)  A user named Samudra posted this on another thread.  A thousand thanks to Samudra, and thanks for NOTHING Sling Media.


      The procedure is as follows:


      - Open Google Cast app on your device

      - Tap menu icon (three parallel lines) on search bar at upper left of screen

      - Select "Cast screen / audio".  This will cast your device's screen to the ChromeCast.  (You could watch your SlingPlayer this way, but you can't turn off your device's screen and your battery won't last long)

      - Start SlingPlayer.  At this point there still is no ChromeCast icon.

      - Stop SlingPlayer (remove it from memory)

      - Restart SlingPlayer.  Now, magically, the ChromeCast icon is back!

      - Touch that icon.  Casting "whatever is on your screen" will stop, and casting from SlingPlayer will begin.


      Finally, after months, I can cast my SlingPlayer to my TV again.  C'mon Sling Media, do better than this.