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    iPad/iPhone app video quality not as good as Web Browser

    courtlandk Newbie



      I have a legacy sling box PRO HD (Hardware 1. 0 Firmware 2.1.420).  When i watch it in browser its beautiful HD clean and smooth.  When i use my iPhone or iPad text and fine detail around text and other things is blocky.  my internal network is optimized, but it just seems like the iphone/ipad apps do not do clean and smooth HD.


      anyone else experiencing this?


      running latest version of iOS10 and Slingplayer apps and latest version of web browser software.


      Everything is local wifi network and set to "auto"

      Safari 10 web browser bit rate: 7800k beautiful HD

      iPhone 6s (3.8.51) bit rate: 3032k (so fine detail is blocky)???

      iPad Air 2 bit rate: 4032k (640x480) also the audio sounds hollow???


      do iPhone and iPad apps do HD for PRO-HD?






      just drummed this up from an old 2012 post


      iPad offers a maximum resolution of 640x480; SlingPlayer for iPhone tops out at 320x240 resolution

      seems to be consistent with my quality issues.

      I can't believe these apps haven't been updated to handle HD.