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    New Ipad Pro stutter issues

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      I previously used my Ipad 2 which I would connect to Apple TV to watch my slingbox on my TV.  Always worked perfectly.  Now I have a new Ipad Pro 12.7 inches set up in the same manner.  Even though I can watch slingbox on the ipad with no issues, when I connect to Apple TV (gen 4), picture and sound stutter so badly it is unwatchable.  If I try the same thing with my spouse's Ipad Pro (9 inch), it works perfectly connected to the TV via Apple TV.


      One more piece to the puzzle:  the Ipad Pro 12.7 does not have the same stutter issue when I connect it to a different TV using Roku.  Plays just fine.


      Again, the slingbox always plays fine on the ipad Pro.  Any suggestions how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.