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    Slingplayer on iPhone 6 freezing when using remote

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      I just noticed an issue with Slingplayer for iPhone 3.8.58.  When watching in high quality or auto quality, the video stream freezes when sending commands with the remote options.  It will send the command, then freeze as soon as the result is shown on the screen. If I send another command, the screen will update to show that the remote command was received, but it will be on a frozen screen again. So my remote commands are being received and reflected on-screen, but only in "stills". There is no audio.  The only way to resume the stream is to change the quality, or close and open the app again.  I can confirm that my cable box is NOT actually frozen - just the streaming of video on the Slingplayer app.  The behaviour is the same regardless of whether I am viewing over wifi or LTE.


      Interestingly, when I view in standard quality mode, the remote works as expected.  When I send a command, there is a bit of a stutter, and the video continues to stream properly. The freezing is just happening in HQ and Auto quality.


      I have tested this on two iPhone 6 devices, and the behaviour is the same. This does not happen with Slingplayer for iPad, nor does it happen if I install the Slingplayer for iPhone onto my iPad. I have uninstalled, rebooted my device, and reinstalled the app, and there is no change.


      Has anyone else noticed this behaviour?  I don't use Slingplayer on my iPhone often, so I can't say for sure when this started. But I am estimating that it was around the time that the app was last updated and/or when iOS 10 was installed.