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    Unable to stream (10)

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      Unable to stream (10)

      Since I don't know if the original post has been resolved, here is the solution.

      Use a PC and Go to watch.slingbox.com

      Important: You must do this from your home where you have your Slingbox

      When it prompts you, load Slingplayer unless you already have it.

      Log in with your credentials.

      Click "Watch."

      Once you see the Live TV signal from your Slingbox, click "Settings."

      On the right side of the desktop, you will see the Network Information.

      Make a note of the Home IP and the Port number.

      Log in to your router. Usually this is a 192.168.x.x IP.

      If you have a problem with logging in to your router, call your service provider.

      Go to Advanced and Port Forwarding which is sometimes labelled Forwarding.

      Create a Port Forwarding table. Enter the Home IP that you got under "Settings" when you logged in to watch.slingbox.com.

      Enter the PORT number and label the Port Forwarding table "Slingbox."

      That's it. It should work.

      I really don't understand why the Sling Media people didn't even care answering these posts. In the meantime, a lot of people are

      switching to Apple TV or Google or Amazon's Fire.