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    Any others with Armstong cable having remote control issues

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      I've had the same Motorola set top box and remote for many years now and Armstrong tells me they are still the most current.  With Armstrong serving such a vast portion of the Eastern US now, I curious to see if anyone other Armstrong customers might have experienced this "problem."

      This M1 slingbox worked flawlessly for the first 10 months I had it but below is a copy what I just posted to slingbox. 

      After several issues with my M1 and according to support people on case # 1052123, I now need to have the remote set up for this Armstrong Cable set top box Motorola DCX3400/7380/000/250.  Although remote channel changing functioned properly on my original M1 using Wi-Fi to my router and the suggested remote, it will not work now.  When my M1 quit working in May, three months, two replacement M1 units and a router later; I am still waiting for this thing to function properly.  Ultimately, I was only able to get slingbox to work by having Armstrong wire my slingbox to the router via Ethernet.  Now, everything functions as before except the remote.  Now, Jessica, a support supervisor tells me now I must go through this process, possibly due to slingbox updates.

      This just does not logically make sense to me...just as support telling me my router was outdated or settings changed after sending me two replacement slingboxes.  Every customer service person I have spoken to (and there have been many) have been very cordial but this experience would make it difficult for me to recommend this product or company to anyone.