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    Guest access broken and guest list is full of garbage


      At some point in the past few weeks, my guest user(s) have all been unable to connect to my Slingbox 500 and the guest directory is full of garbage for email address(es):


      Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 7.41.40 PM.png

      EDIT: I'm unable to delete these corrupt addresses. They remain regardless of what I try to do.


      I'm able to re-invite my guests, but they're still unable to connect to my sling box. I suspect there is back-end database corruption associated with this display and possibly with the newwatch accounts previously created by my guests. My 500 is out of warranty so I can't contract Sling Media directly, but this needs to be addressed by Support as an active user community issue. I see multiple posts in this community forum regarding the same issue without resolution.


      Address this Sling Support







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