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    Case# 01061606 - Back and Forth with Sling about M2 Config - Multiple calls and no support

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      So, got this new M2 Sling on the 10th and it's been an absolute nightmare trying to get any sort of help getting the issue resolved.  I was told that there is some sort of software glitch.   Anyone know how to reach the Sling Advanced Support Group directly. 


      Use case# is 01061606


      I was told they need a screen shot sent to them in response to the email they will send you and me.


      They said if you are able to call in after sending the screen shot or while doing it, that would be best.  The phone number is (800) 313-4274 Option 1 .


      Here's the background:


      Ordered on Sep 10th


      Received on Sep 15th


      Called on the Sep 15th and 16th, they opened a case# 01061606, after not being able to configure.  Said it would be elevated and someone would call back.  They never did.


      Sep 20th, supposedly elevated to Aaron Grant of its Advanced Technical Support Group at 5:53 p.m. on the 20th . No one had called back.


      Sep 20th, supposedly some type of bulletin or notification came out stating a software issue.  This was brought to my attention on the 26th.


      Sep 21st – Rosa (out of California) opened up case# 01062398.   I asked her to escalate the case to management, which apparently was not done.


      Sep 26th – Martin (out of Texas)  informed me of it being elevated to Aaron Grant on the 20th and provided the Sep 20th software glitch info


      Sep 27th – Jamie (out of Texas) said the case was never elevated because of lack of proof of purchase.  I told her you provided that.  After she saw it in the system for the previous case#, she continued the escalation and said she would send an email link that required a copy of the screen shot of where it fails.  This will then go to the original case# 01061606. Then, about 3 business days you will then be contacted. 


      So, they sent the link, and, as I expected, it didn't go to anything.  


      Does anyone know if there is in fact a software application.