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    Sling player app for iPad doesn't work with Roku Stick

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      I have an interesting situation.


      I have an iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and iPhone 6.  All have the latest (iOS 10) software.


      I also have a Roku 2  box and a Roku stick. Both devices are shown on the network with ip addresses and respectfully.


      Now the iPads both stream successfully to the Roku box. But they do not stream to the stick. When I enter the IP address of the stick the app says that the Roku has been successfully located, but when I try to stream, there is no Roku icon does not show up in the app.


      Interestingly, the sling player app for the iPhone, when installed on the iPad, works.


      I have installed and reinstalled the apps on the Roku stick and the iPads, I have rebooted the router. I don't believe this is an IP address issue or the sling player app for iPhone would also not be able to recognize the Roku...furthermore, the iPad app recognizes and apparently connects to the Roku.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you! Kathleen