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    Why hasn't sling made a standalone slingplayer for roku? Is this a challenging task?

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      I recently bought a slingbox when I found that streaming professional sports was problematic. However, it is upsetting and time consuming to find out how much one must learn to find the right combination of devices. I know that all this information is available on your website, however I shouldn't have to view all the faqs and forums to have to make purchasing decisions. So I saw that Roku was even packaged with Slingbox at Walmart, so I figured this would be a great combination. I never dreamt that to sling content to Roku that I would need another device (iPhone, ipad, android device). None of these I own. So after I purchased the Roku and Slingbox 500, also finding out that I need an HDMI splitter, Component Video converter, I'm thinking how badly all of this is engineered. On top of this, I learn that Amazon fire stick does not need an iPhone or android device. So I probably should have bought the Fire stick instead of the Roku. What is the problem with Roku that requires another device to control it? Is the Roku remote inadequate for this task?