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    New Directv HR54-500 satellite box

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      My slingbox 500 was working fine until I got the upgraded Directv HR54-500 box, now when I try to use my slingbox, it gives me a "no video signal" message on screen.

      So I tried to go through the setup again, but when I went to the select your input source, alas, the HR54-500 is not listed...

      Any thoughts on how to get this working...ITS FOOTBALL SEASON, AND I WORK SUNDAYS!!!

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          Have you ever resolver this problem? I have the same issue not being able to connect my Slingbox M2 to Directv HR54-500 cable box. Bought an HDMI to component cable splitter without any results. Called Slingbox tech support and spent over an hour with Slingbox technician who tried various tricks but in the end told me to call Directv and try obtain another cable box with component plugs in the back.