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    Sling M1 network performance suffering especially on PC

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      Just upgraded my home ISP connect to 100+ MBs.  wireless speed test showing 48-50MBs consistently [wired getting 110+Mbs].   Getting multiple disconnects on two Sling M1 devices connected to two different APs, far worse on Windows PC (IE Browser and Slingplayer both bad) than on my iPhone.  And the Sling's shows network analyzed bandwidth "poor" or "fair" at 4- 5 Mbs.


      Using a iphone app, checked the download speeds at the sling locations, they are kin the 40++ MBs range, so why is the Sling showing such constraint?  SLing performance is becoming worse over time. On a network with two SSIDs, two APs.  In trying to reduce the problem, I always keep the M1's on separate SSID's and the  end units are matched to the same SSID as their Sling.


      And all of this is occurring at the home over the internal network


      Anyone with suggestions?