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    Cable TV DVR Stuttering


      I have my slingbox connected to my TV via component cables.  My problems is that when I try to play DVR on my TV which is through Comcast, the picture blinks on an off repeatedly.  This does not occur when I am watching non-DVR cable on my TV.  When I remove the slingbox from the system and plug the TV directly to the cable box, I am not getting the problem.  Can anyone comment on why this might be happening? 





        • Re: Cable TV DVR Stuttering

          I am experiencing a similar issue with my 350.  I posted the following as a question today.


          My remote 350 displays live TV beautifully, even on HD mode, from my Spectrum cable provider using their Cisco DVR.  Not a single hitch or pixilation.

          HOWEVER, try to playback a DVR recorded show, the stream becomes unwatchable.

          What is different about the signal from the Cisco DVR that is causing the SlingBox so much trouble?

          Has anyone overcome this issue?

          I see similar issues on the forums posted for previous YEARS, yet no obvious solutions.

          Thanks for your support!


          Did you ever find a resolution or support?