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    MAC OS Sierra

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      I just upgraded my MacBook and now I cannot watch my slingbox from either my Safari or my IE (I have Parallels installed). Any idea when Sierra will be supported?

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          I have the same situation.   I upgraded to Mac OS Sierra.   Slingbox does not work.  9/21/16

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            I am watching my sling right now on firefox sierra os

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              I just downloaded a new copy of slingplayer  for web and installed it. It is now working on my MAC again using Safari.

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                  What is "a new copy of slingplayer  for web"?  A plugin?  How did you access and download it?

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                      I downloaded it from here

                      Slingbox.com - Slingplayer Apps

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                        I upgraded my Mac operating system to Sierra. I entered the Slingbox website and it asked me to get Slingplayer, which was new for me because I had always used embedded streaming.
                        SlingPlayer is an application that plays streaming outside of Safari, but it has a huge number of failures (there are many claims in forum including mine).

                        You have to download the application from the website and install it on APPLICATIONS. Follow signs to the tutor. It was not very friendly to discover it was asking to install that application, so you must be patient.

                        The first incident, disconnect the TV hdmi cable to the laptop was frozen image. Solution restart the laptop.
                        Then suddenly he stopped playing. Solution, I waited about 25 seconds and automatically resumed streaming.
                        New sudden stop play. I waited, never returned streaming. I left Slingplayer and Safari, I returned to enter, a sign told me that "my Slingbox is misconfigured and use Firefox or log on to reset the Slingbox" I never did. Solution, restart the laptop.
                        Never use Firefox with Slingbox because the audio and video came out desynchronized, but now I used it with the novelty that automatically adjusts desynchronization which is also annoying, so I keep not using Firefox in the future.
                        The best is "not to touch any control" in Slingplayer and you have a calm and continuous streaming.

                        I think Slingplayer is an interesting application that will be very useful when correcting problems that have.

                        Those are the developments in Slingplayer in about four hours of streaming.

                        I also post "Why Suddenly Stop Streaming Since One Week Ago?"