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    Comag SL30 T2

    marioks Newbie

      Hello I am totally frustrated....I bought a Slingbox M1 and a Comag SL 30 T2 (32029).

      I bought this device,because I saw a lot of Comag Receiver in the supported device list,thinking one of these are identical.

      Finally I tested all Comag devices in the list and also all from Silvercrest,but nothing.


      Thank you alanrichey42 for your help ,I will try the Medion MD 28008 setting and give feedback if it works.


      Besides I am not able to post in the remote requests area,it is greyed out.


      alanrichey42 the MD 28008 file does not work with the device,( no reaction) what more should i do?

      Thank you.





      This is a picture from the manual.Interesting detail: it shows a picture from the Remote control but VANTAGE labeled

      All Bin files from Vantage tested with no success.

      Any hints?