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    SlingPlayer Mobile Won't Connect


      I have the original Droid, running 2.2.  I had the SlingPlayer Mobile working on my phone a week ago.  Then a few days ago, I did a Master Reset on my Droid, and have not been able to get the SlginPlayer Mobile to connect to my slingbox since.  I am able to connect using the slingplayer on various PCs with no problems.  And again, the only thign that has changed is that I did a master reset on my phone.  Any thoughts?

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          I am having the same problem but in a different form, I changed the password and it won t connect, never had a problem before, I even created another account with new password, rebooted slingbox, all I get on my droid is saying it won t connect to internet, maybe someone can help me as well, other computers work fine.

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            OK, I got it, never had to do it before, nor can I connect to my buddy's slingbox now, but I did the port forward thing to my slingbox on my router settings now it works. Like I said before when I set it up didn t have to do anything.............at least I got it working...........whoooweeeee..............smacky

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              I have Evo 4g, cannot connect to my sling box since 9/20 early AM. EVO says "conneciton failed". If I teather my laptop to the EVO Sling player for Win-XP is fine. I unistalled the Android player, and re-installed. I can login to sling site, see the sling box of my account in the GUI, but it won't connect. I am going to try Evo4G over Wifi as soon as I hit a hot spot.

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                Hi, AUtiger06 and all.


                We recommend you to check your router settings. Make sure to use both of the protocols (UDP and TCP) when creating the rule on the router. Then, rerun the Setup Assistant for Internet Viewing.


                Make sure to follow these steps and let us know how it works.

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                  I can;t seems to isolate & repair my issue. EVO w/ Slingplayer has been working find for weeks but  now getting error "Connection failed, ...make sure you are connected to the internet". Phone browser work fine, so do many internet aps. I get the same error in 3G, 4G, and Wifi modes. I am now at home, EVO in Airplane mode w/ Wifi camped on my home AP. I've un-installed Sling player, rebooted the EVO, re-installed, successfuly setup my account. PLayer can display my directory of boxes, but will not connect. I see a locating msg, then Conneciton failed.


                  If I use Laptop on Home Wifi or on EVO Wifi data teather works fine. I can even access my sling box via  Laptop to "sling.com" live mode.  I just can't get the Android player to connect any more... I scratching my head on what to do next. I wish there was a way for Android player to connect via internet address or Finder ID #. It kind of looks links the Sling finder DDNS in not provideing the droid with the the correct destination ip.

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                    I found my solution in another thread had to manuals add Port fwd to my router. I had not need that setting for years:


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                    Re: Connection failed.  Please Make sure your phone and Slingbox are connected to the Internet.

                    ok  everyone i think i have the answer. they did some type of update and  the settings didnt carry over or something like that, so everything you  did when you first set it up you have to do again...  :-/


                    1. go to slingbox.com and click on watch,

                    2.  then underneath click on slingbox setup, and set up for internet viewing

                    3. sign in to your account and it will walk you thru some steps

                    4. you'll eventually get to a screen that says advanced users pick that, it's easier lol

                    5.find the ip your slingbox grabbed, i think it grabs the last one available in the range ( was mine)

                    6. in that same info where you find your ip address for the slingbox you will see your default gateway ( mine)

                    7. open an internet browser and put that in the address bar as an internet address (example

                    8.  that should take you to the login screen of your router, or you may go  right in. if it asks for a login//password try admin with no p/w if  you've never been in it. otherwise, enter username and p/w

                    9. now  you have to enable port forwarding. it could be called applications and  gaming(mine) name it something then enter 5001 to 5001 as ports (if it  asks for a range, both as a protocol. and your slingbox ip address from  earlier( mine) save the settings and exit. test the  connection.

                    10. try mobile again from android.


                    at  some point in the set up it will say you require more steps for win  mobile and something else, it doesnt mention android. go thru the steps  for the win mobile and you should get there. i typed all this from  memory so i hope its kinda accurate.


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                        Thank you so much for the excellent description of how to fix the connection. I was really struggling with the whole IP address, port forwarding issues, etc. until I followed your instructions EXACTLY as described. The thing that confused me was that I was grabbing the default gateway IP address (  instead of the IP address that was


                        One thing that also helped me because I kept getting jammed up, was to not only unplug the slingbox, but to press the reset button as well. This gave me a fresh  setup to work with, coupled with your directions, got everything to work.


                        Now both my laptop and my HTC incredible are working fine.



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                        I have the evo and my sling mobile was working fine yesterday. Today it won't connect giving me the same "connection failed. Please make sure your phone and slingbox are connected to the internet" message. It worked for a second today until i got a phone call then it wouldn't reconnect. What should I do?

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                          vancanfan67 Newbie

                          I was watching my slingbox today and right in the middle of it, the whole thing quit working and I got the "failed to connect" error along with "check your firewall settings".

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                            Hello, I bought the Sling Media app from the Market Place for my new Nokia Lumia 800, but I won't connect.

                            The logon screen appears, but when pushing the connect button it's saying: "connecting to my Slingbox", but nothing happens.

                            I rebooted all (Slingbox, router and modem) but still no connection with Sling Player. I have a very good wifi signal on my Lumia.





                            Please help me.


                            Thanks in advance,

                            Harold (from The Netherlands).