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    Cannot complete the Internet Viewing setup - HELP!


      I hope someone out there can help, please!! I bought a slingbox solo on ebay a few days ago. I have gone thru all the set ups, reset the box, connected it to my router etc, etc. My install worked to acertain dregree, i can watch the slingbox on my desktop computer and on my laptop. However, my internet viewing instalation has not been successfull. Every time i go through the process it ends up where i have to manually input the settings into my router. I have done this on two different routres. The first was a D-Link / Vonage VWR14.1 which would not let me log on to it from the slingbox interface, and always brought around to the same screen. Thinking that this was a problem with the router I went out and purchased a new netgear WNDR3300 N300 router. The router has been set up successfully, but i again findmyself being able to wach the slingbox stream on my desktop and my laptop but not my phone (motorolla android on which I downladed the slingbox mobile app). I again have tried to set up the "Internet Viewing" with thesame disasterous results. the user name and password i put in for the router (during the set up) are the defaults, and it still does not let the set up process log on, leading to the manual set up, which i have completed, port forwarding and all that, and still it syas that internet viewing was not able to complete for the slingbox mobile. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG????!!! Please help.