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      What is going on?

      With no warning suddenly my OS is not compatible?

      Is this some kind of as kissing to Microsoft to sell more WIN10 which I tried and hated!

      What a sneaky move mid month no warning!

      Great class action suit for all of us who purchase slingplayer aps which are now redundant!

        • Re: NO SUPPORT FOR 64 BIT WIN 7?

          Sling Media literally can do what ever they want since they corner the market on place shifters. I wish that Belkins @TV took off but it didn't so Sling has the monopoly and therefore they can **** all over there customers, like seriously lay down on your back cause Sling needs a place to ****. Also Win 10 not so bad, not sure what the problem is... also no one cares, your complaining on the wrong site try 4chan or reddit