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    Sling Player Plug-in no more available for Win7?


      From today my slingbox cannot connect itself to my pc with Windos 7. A message says that the Plug-in Sling Player is not in use for my browser or for Windows 7. This message is sent for any browser, so the problem is related to Windows 7. Anybody knows if, from today, Sling Player is no more available for Windows 7? Thanks.

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          I'm having a similar issue with computers with both Windows 7 and Windows 10.  It worked fine yesterday but today suddenly none of my browsers work and we have tried on two different computers in Canada (one Windows 10, one Windows 7) and our computer in Chile.  They all keep getting the message about the browser not being supported but we have tried Chrome and IE and Edge and we have the versions that it says it supports but none of them work.  Why are they suddenly charging 29.99 to phone their support line?  I am wondering if the two issues are related. Very suspicious that one day it works fine, the next day it doesn't and now you have to pay to get them to help you fix their issue?