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    Slingbox M1 setup, a great problem!!!

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      First of all sorry for my english, unfortunately doesn't exist an italian comunity speaking about this product.


      I just bought this M1 to use with mine Sky decoder (MySkyHD) and Netgear Router, to watch my programs in another country.


      To install M1 I connected first of all the scart output of the decoder Sky to video input (yellow) and audio input (white and red) of the SlingBox M1.


      I don't need to use the output of the SlingBox because the Sky decoder has also an HDMI output to watch images on my Tv Full-HD.


      After these I connected the Adsl cable to the Netgear router. The cable works perfectly because I tested it on my computer.


      On my computer I Downloaded the program for Windows, I registered my account using Firefox and Explorer as suggested.


      The program is telling me that SlingBox M1 cannot be found!!!


      On the slingbox there are 3 lights switched on: the first one of the power (red), the second one of the net (red) and the third one (always red too) on the right is flashing.


      Please I really need urgent help because I will travel next week and I need to setup the Slingbox before!!!


      Really thanks for any suggestion!!!


      Best Regards.